Get In The Game With These 2016 Olympics Activities For Kids

The greatest athletes in the world compete at the Olympic Games. Are you ready to witness the historic sporting events of the 2016 Summer Olympics? Use Wizard School (formerly WonderBox) to set your own world record, count Olympic medal victories, create a new design for the Olympic rings and explore other fun 2016 Olympics activities for kids!



Set a World Record

Have you ever wanted to set a world record? Great Olympic athletes make international news by being the best in their sporting events. What do you think it feels like to be the world’s fastest swimmer, or the world’s fastest runner? Now is your chance to find out! Visit the “Set a World Record” challenge on Wizard School to learn all about world records, then try to set your own!

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Cheer on an Olympic athlete

Athletes all over the world compete for the ultimate victory of winning a gold medal at the Olympics. Pick an athlete, country or Olympic event and track the number of medals collected. How many medals did they win? Which type: gold, silver or bronze? Tally the results and cheer on your favorite Olympic champion with a friend!

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Learn more about the Olympic rings

The Olympic rings are a famous symbol, but who designed it, and what is the meaning behind the rings? Where does a designer start and what process do they use to complete their vision? Visit the “Olympic Ring Design” challenge on Wizard School to learn more about the Olympic symbol. Then, using d create your very own design for the Olympic Games. Don’t forget to share your new design and the meaning behind it with friends and family!

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Share your Olympic creations!

Don’t forget to share your creations with the Wizard School crew. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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