7 Creative Activities To Teach Kids Gratitude

There are special times of the year for celebrating all of the important people in our lives. Wizard School (formerly WonderBox) has dozens of creative activities to teach kids gratitude and to help them show appreciation in thoughtful ways. Would you like to make a card, create an award, or design a superhero honoring your favorite person? Let’s take a look at all of the things we can do to honor family members, teachers, and special friends.

Here are Wizard’s favorite activities for making others feel special!

Design a Superhero

Superheros are amazing, just like the people who support you most! Create your own superhero with special powers to honor someone you love. Use the templates in Wizard School to get started, and customize your hero with bright colors, stickers, masks and logos. Let’s do it!

Challenges > Swipe menu to “Design” category > Scroll down to “Design a Superhero”

Create An Award

It feels great to have accomplishments recognized with a certificate, trophy or prize. What type of trophy would you design for your favorite teacher, coach or parent? Open Wizard School to learn about famous and unusual prizes, and then create your own award to send along!

Challenges > Swipe menu to “Do It Yourself” category > Scroll down to “Create an Award”

Father’s Day Card

Dads are the best! Whether it’s at work or at play, a father’s influence helps make you who you are today. Make a card for your dad to help him celebrate his special day!

Challenges > Swipe menu to “Do It Yourself” category > Scroll down to “Father’s Day Card”

Send a Flower Greeting

Flowers are nature’s beautiful way of making more plants. Learn about special attributes of flowers while sending a virtual bouquet to an important person in your life. Customize your bouquet with a voice message or a written note. Everyone loves getting flowers!

Challenges > Swipe menu to “Design” category > Scroll down to “Send a Flower Greeting”

Make a Card or Note

Pick a card and write a note to someone! What do you want to say? Wizard School has some examples to get you started, such as a thoughtful note, a friendly invitation, or a fun riddle to share. Draw or write your own note to send good cheer.

Challenges > Swipe menu to “Drawing” category > Scroll down to “Make a Card or Note”

My Family Treasures

A family treasure is an item that holds a special meaning to your family. Perhaps it’s an old photograph or a piece of clothing you used when you were a baby. Through these special items, we can learn so much about our family history. Do you have items that are extremely special? Collect them and record a short video explaining their significance to you. Share the video with loved ones during a special family event!

Challenges > Swipe menu to “Photography” category > Scroll down to “My Family Treasures”

Mother’s Day Card

Mothers play a special role in our lives. Do you know a person who supports you, teaches you, or helps raise you? Learn why we celebrate mothers in May and make a card to say thanks for everything they do.

Challenges > Swipe menu to “Do It Yourself” category > Scroll down to “Mother’s Day Card”

Explore More Using Wizard school Search

Discover more activities and videos inside Wizard School. Open the search icon (top left of the app) and type in your topic keywords of choice. Or, scroll through the Challenges and Videos (bottom left of the app) to find a topic that interests you most!

Share your creations!

Remember to share your creations with the Wizard School crew. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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