Fun And Flavorful Activities For Foodie Kids

Are you hungry? Then it’s the perfect time to join us for Cooking and Food week on Wizard School (formerly WonderBox). Get to know interesting foods from around the world, dive into the science of creating new foods, invent your own restaurant to showcase culinary cuisine, and discover even more activities for foodie kids. Let’s get cooking!


Try bread from around the world

Bread is one of the oldest prepared foods and is universally enjoyed across many, cultures, countries and religions. What type of bread do you like to eat? Have you ever tried pita bread, bagels, or baguettes? Learn about bread from around the world, and then take a photo of bread and describe how it’s served with your family’s favorite meal.

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Discover hybrid plants

Using methods called grafting and genetic modification, farmers have been able to create some truly wacky plants! Farmers are using cross pollination to create fruits that are the genetic combination or “hybrid” of two other fruits. Some of the tastiest discoveries have been Plumcots, Tayberries, Tangelos and Apriums. Did you know that most everyday fruits and vegetables we eat are hybrids? Yellow bananas, grapefruit, meyer lemons, and numerous apple varieties were actually the result of careful plant breeding. Learn about hybridization of fruits and vegetables and then invent your own delicious fruit or veggie!

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Open your own virtual restaurant

Eating out is always a treat, but imagine if you could invent your own restaurant. What kind of food would you serve? Would you have a cool theme or decorations? Where would your restaurant be located? Visit some creative restaurants and then share your design with your friends and future customers!

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Share your favorite food!

Remember to share your cooking creations with the Wizard School crew. We can’t wait to hear from you! Then, see what’s next on our Summer of Wonder calendar!

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