• Jan 29
  • ChatterPix Kids is now available for Android!

    It’s time to celebrate! We’re excited to announce that ChatterPix Kids is now available for Android devices running Android version 7.0 or later. There has been incredible interest for a multi-platform version of ChatterPix, and we are thrilled to make the app available for both Android and iOS so it can be used across a range of mobile devices at home and in the classroom. Don’t wait! Download ChatterPix Kids today, which is completely FREE since we are part of the non-profit Khan Academy.

    Our users enjoy ChatterPix because it’s a versatile app that can make anything talk. In educational settings, it’s ideal for giving students a voice to showcase their creative projects. Simply take a photo of your subject, record your story, and share your project with the class. Check out these amazing examples of ChatterPix projects from teachers around the world:

    Do you have feedback to share about our educational apps for kids? Drop us a line at support@duckduckmoose.com or tag your projects on Twitter with @chatterpixit and @duckduckmoose. Duck Duck Moose is the creator of 22 award-winning educational apps, including Khan Academy Kids, Moose Math and Wheels on the Bus. All of our apps are completely FREE since we are part of the non-profit Khan Academy. Learn more at www.duckduckmoose.com and www.khankids.org.

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  • Jan 25
  • Getting Started with Duck Duck Moose Apps


    Duck Duck Moose makes award-winning educational apps for young children. Founded in 2008 by a small team of parents and educators, Duck Duck Moose has created over 20 apps that encourage kids to learn and explore in a fun and safe environment. Now, as part of the educational nonprofit Khan Academy, all Duck Duck Moose apps are FREE for everyone to download and enjoy.

    Apps from Duck Duck Moose cover a range of early learning topics. These include math, reading, music, puzzles and nursery rhymes, in addition to open-ended apps that encourage creative expression and play. You’ll find our full list of apps organized by topic and age on the “apps” section of www.duckduckmoose.com. Duck Duck Moose educational apps are aligned to common core standards, and can be used at home to help prepare kids for school while reinforcing topics that are covered in the classroom.

    Teachers are using Duck Duck Moose apps in a variety of creative ways to encourage children to express their ideas. We’ve collected highlights in a blog post explaining how teachers integrate iPad apps with their lesson plans. There is also a prolific stream of examples are shared by teachers over social media. Visit @duckduckmoose and @chatterpixit on Twitter to see how children are explaining their math thinking, completing themed research projects, bringing artwork to life, creating interactive biographies, storytelling, recording book reports, collaborating through math games and so much more!

    All of our apps are available on Apple’s iOS platform for the iPhone and iPad. A subset of our apps are also available on the Android platform. If there are questions about using or installing our educational apps, feel free to reach out to support@duckduckmoose.com so we can offer assistance.

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  • Aug 09
  • Best Practices for iPad Apps in the Classroom

    This month, teachers are opening their classroom doors to prepare for another year of learning. With the abundance of tech tools available for education, how will teachers choose the best method for integrating technology in their classrooms?

    Our team at Duck Duck Moose has been making educational apps for kids since 2008, and we’ve collected some compelling teaching techniques from educators who integrate our apps with their lesson plans. We hope these examples of how to use iPad apps in the classroom help get your school year off to a bright start!

    Use Apps To Tell a Story

    Kids are using apps to record their voice and explain what they learn. Click the ChatterPix video below to listen to their stories about shapes. Teachers have been especially pleased to see shy children step up to the microphone in bold new ways.

    Use Apps To Show Thinking

    Here students are using Draw and Tell to explain their math thinking. Used with assessments, these verbal testimonials can demonstrate a dynamic view of a student’s understanding. 

    Use Apps To Do Research

    Themed topics provide a focus area for doing supplementary research on an iPad. Once research is complete, students can summarize their research into a presentation of their own.

    Use Apps To Make a Video

    Intrigued by their own self reflection, making a video can capture a student’s attention and encourage creativity in visual ways.

    App Smash to Create Something New

    App smashing is a term for using multiple apps to create an end product. With an inventive set of tools, it’s amazing to witness what children come up with on their own. In this case, Draw and Tell helped a child design and record their explanation of the water cycle.

    Use Apps To Practice A Skill

    Math practice can help kids build confidence in the classroom. Making math practice fun and engaging is a top priority at Duck Duck Moose! Check out Park Math, Moose Math and Pet Bingo for more math practice activities for kids.

     Visit duckduckmoose.com to learn more about our educational apps for kids!

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