25 Crazy Animal Facts For Kids (Plus GIFs!)

Are you passionate about animals? Get ready to roar with excitement – it’s Animal Kingdom Week Wizard School (formerly WonderBox). We’ll be learning more about all different types of animals this week. We’d be lion if we said we weren’t excited!

Here are 25 crazy animal facts to get you started:


1. Pandas eat roughly 28 pounds of bamboo each day. In fact, they spend around 12 hours of their day eating!

2. Sloths spend up to 20 hours each day sleeping!

3. Bald eagles aren’t actually bald! The word comes from the old English word “balde”, meaning white.

4. When they lay out in the sun, hippos secrete a red, oily substance that acts as both a skin moisturizer and sunblock.

5. Cheetahs can run at speeds up to 70 mph, making them the fastest mammals on land.

6. Cats are able to jump up to 5x their own height.


7. The average orca whale eats about 500 pounds of food every day. They can swallow an entire sea lion whole, without chewing!

8. The Arabian camel stores up to 80 lbs of fat in its hump. This helps them survive on long journeys through the desert, as the fat can be broken down into water and energy.

9. A group of flamingos is called a “flamboyance.” They are certainly flamboyant!

10. The regal horned lizard defends itself by squirting blood out of its eyes. It can hit predators up to three feet away!

11. Meerkats live in underground tunnels in groups of anywhere from 20 – 50 family members.

12. Baby kangaroos are called “joeys” and are roughly the size of a grape at birth!

13. Male penguins will stand without eating for up to two months in the cold while the female searches for food.

14. Dog’s nose prints are as unique as a human fingerprint.

15. Thanks to its long, powerful legs, the ostrich can cover between 10 to 16 feet in a single stride!

16. A falling cat uses her tail to right herself mid-air, allowing her to land purrrfectly on her feet.

17. Emotionally, elephants are very much like humans! They form bonds, show compassion by caring for wounded animals, they hold grudges and are even able to recognize long-lost friends.

18. Koalas “bears” are actually marsupials. In fact, they are more closely related to kangaroos than bears!

19. Aardvarks love to eat ants and termites. They can dig up to two feet in 15 seconds to access these tasty treats!

20. The average giraffe consumes up to 100 pounds of leaves and twigs every single day.

21. A grizzly bear’s claws are roughly the size of human fingers. All the better to wave with!

22. A zebra’s stripes are as unique as human fingerprints. Every zebra is unique!

23. The bald eagle’s sight is so good, it can spot prey up to 1.5 miles away!

24. A cat’s sense of smell is 14x more powerful than a human’s. Phew!

25. The blue whale is thought to be the largest animal to have ever lived, growing as much as 100 ft long. Its tongue alone can weigh as much as an adult elephant!

Learn More Fun Facts About Animals!

Ready to learn more fun facts about about wild animals? Check out these activities under the “Animals” category on the WonderBox app:

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…along with many more fun animal-themed lessons and challenges!

fun facts about animals for kids

To access the “Animals” category:

Open the Wizard School app > Click on the “Challenges” tab > Swipe right to the “Animals” tab

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Image Source – Flamingos: Flickr | Andrew Goloida

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