Draw & Tell in the Classroom

e are thrilled to read about all the different ways that teachers are using Draw & Tell in their classrooms. When we set out to create our series of open-ended creativity apps, we never could have imagined all the creative ways in which they are being used.

One of the most interesting things teachers are doing with Draw & Tell is empowering children to teach others by using the record feature. If you’re like me, you probably remember late night study sessions fueled by an IV drip filled with coffee and some kind of “food” (and I am using that word generously). In some sessions, you would huddle with your study mates in the glow of unflattering lighting and try and work out some problem. If you were, by chance, the first to have a breakthrough, you would explain it to your study mates. Those problems were the ones you likely aced on the test later in the semester. Research tells us that teaching someone else, is a powerful way of learning.

Draw & Tell was originally designed as a platform on which kids could express themselves creatively both visually and verbally. It contains a robust digital art set, the ability to record audio, stickers, patterns and coloring pages. The UI was designed with the youngest users in mind (See How We Made a Few Kids Cry, So We Could Make a Million Smile). To our surprise, teachers have been using it to teach word problems, pattern matching, telling time, sentence construction, counting money, and much more.

Check out some of the interesting lesson plans teachers have cooked up using Draw & Tell below. A big thank you to the all the creative teachers who have shared their work!

A First Grade Teacher’s Perspective: My Love with the iPad App Draw and Tell

Pattern composition with stickers
Subtraction word problems with stickers and drawing
Measuring different lengths
Telling Time using Draw & Tell (#4) in Mrs Wideens classroom
Making a Dollar
Counting money in French

Grouping letters by sounds
Writing stories on lined paper and recording audio over it
Practicing Root Words

Creating drawings of themselves
Missing Santa (a common problem)

Draw & Tell
Easy-to-use use tools for kids to draw, animate, and record audio simultaneously
Enables kids to share and teach with each other

View Draw & Tell for iPhone
View Draw & Tell for iPad

★ Selected by Apple as “New and Noteworthy” on the AppStore Homepage
★ Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice Award for Excellence in Design

” I can’t tell you how valuable it is, as a teacher to be able to use an app that allows me to listen to a child’s thought process…”
— First Grade Teacher

If you are a teacher that is using Draw and Tell in your classroom or has ideas about how it can be used, we’d love to hear from you!
Please email us at suggestions@duckduckmoose.com

Writing stories on lined paper

Creating Kid Blog avatars

Counting money in French

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