This little company is all grownz up* (well, almost!)

e are excited to welcome two new members to our creative team!

Queeny: Digital Illustrator & Designer

Queeny is our resident science fiction nerd who is convinced that her acceptance letter to Hogwarts somehow managed to get lost in transit. In her spare time, Queeny likes to take catnaps, discover new music, and go on adventures in her green bug. She often likes to doodle silly animals and is delighted that some have managed to find a great home in Duck Duck Moose mobile applications.

Sally: Digital Animator & Concept Artist

Sally has been drawing and loving it since she was able to pick up a pencil on anything from paper to the walls of her house. She works mostly using charcoal pencil, watercolor, and digital, but is never afraid to venture into other media. Creating illustrations, especially for kids, is Sally’s true passion, and she feels blessed to find a spot at Duck Duck Moose. In her spare time, she enjoys playing guitar and singing off-tune.

*(and growns up and growns up)

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