20 Fun And Fascinating Educational GIFs For Kids

Who says GIFs can’t be educational? We’ve compiled 20 fun and fascinating educational GIFs, all of which are appropriate for kids. Get ready to learn something new!


1. The effect snake venom has on blood

This clip from The Nature of Science shows how venom from the brown snake causes human blood to clot until it becomes a jelly-like consistency.

2. White blood cells in action 

An amazing look at white blood cells attacking a parasite.

white blood cells attacking


3. How a lock works

What happens when you stick a key into a lock? This image shows how the mechanisms inside of a lock function.
how a lock works educational gif

4. The effect freezing temperatures has on boiling water

This amazing clip shows how boiling hot water can turn into “snow” when thrown into the air on a sub-zero day. Click here to learn more about the science behind this phenomenon. Note: Don’t try this at home!


5. Where Americans immigrated from

This fascinating animated map shows the top country of birth among U.S. immigrants for every state over the last 166 years.

american immigrants gif


6. The effect freezing temperatures have on the human body 

This clip from BBC utilizes a thermal camera to show the effect freezing conditions has on your body. The man in the image is holding a snowball in his hand, and the green spots all over his skin are actually cold spots where snowflakes have landed on his body.


7. The evolution of the alphabet

This fascinating graphic shows how the alphabet has evolved since Phoenician times.

alphabet educational gif

8. How dogs drink water

This amazing slow-motion clip shows how dogs cup their tongues to draw water into their mouths.

dog drinking water educational gif


9. How cats drink water

Cats also use their tongues to cup water and draw it into their mouths. In addition, the microscopic ridges on their tongue also help grab water.



10. The evolution of the United States

This neat visual shows a brief overview of the history of the United States.

evolution of american educational gif


11. How cats land on their feet

This slow-motion clip from Smarter Everyday shows how cats use their tail to right themselves when falling, allowing them to flip mid-air and land on their feet.


12. Why your nose runs when it’s cold

Have you ever wondered why your nose tends to run when it’s cold outside? This image explains why!

why your nose runs when its cold gif

13. What happens when a mosquito bites you

This is what’s happening under your skin when a mosquito bites you and drinks your blood. Eeek!


14. What happens when your eye moves

This slow motion clip shows what really happens when your eye moves!

slow motion eye movement educational gif

15. The actual distance between the Earth and Moon

A more accurate depiction of how far the Moon is from the Earth.

planets gif

16. How a hamster stores food

This cool x-ray video shows how hamsters are able to store so much food in their mouths.


17. How babies grow

This neat graphic shows how babies develop from fertilization to birth.


babies gif

Click to zoom


18. What happens when you swallow

This cool x-ray shows what happens when you swallow liquid.

swallowing gif

19. How braces work

This time-lapse shows how braces work to shift teeth over time.

braces time lapse

20. Red blood cells moving through the body

Have you ever wondered how fast your blood moves through your body? This clip depicts a red blood cell moving through the human body in real time!



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H/T Educational GIFs – Reddit

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