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Howdy! Do you know why the western half of the United States was called the Wild West? In the late 1800’s, the untamed territories of the American frontier earned this nickname due to their lack of laws and the wild behavior that took place. Are you ready to explore the Wild West? Open up Wizard School (formerly WonderBox) and let’s get started!


Meet Wild West outlaws and lawmen

Many legends have come out of the Wild West. Some of them are famous for being outlaws and some of them are famous for being lawmen. Y’all take a trip to the Wild West and get ready to meet all sorts of people. Learn more about these folks in the “Legends of the West” challenge on Wizard School. At the end of the lesson, choose one of the legends and make them talk about the rootin’ tootin’ West.

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Learn more about bison

A true symbol of the frontier, the American bison (also referred to as “American buffalo”) are the largest land animals in North America. In fact, these wallowing, bellowing giants once roamed the plains of the American West in vast numbers. Check out the “Talking Bison” challenge on Wizard School to learn more, then help a bison share its dramatic story of near extinction and recovery.

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Learn about the Gold Rush

What would you do if you found gold? Where did gold miners come from, and why did so many travel to California during the Gold Rush? Visit the “Gold Rush” challenge on Wizard School to learn about the history of the Gold Rush, from the properties of gold, to the people who discovered the precious metal. Then make a miner talk about discovering gold!

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Create Native American art

There are 562 Native American tribes located throughout the United States, each with their own cultural traditions and art forms. Visit the “Native American Art” challenge on Wizard School to learn more about traditional Native American art and meet some contemporary artists. Then, use Wizard School’s built-in design tools to try your hand at decorating a Native American inspired blanket, pot, mask, dream catcher or teepee.

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Send a postcard from the Wild West

Explore famous landscapes of America’s Wild West like the Grand Canyon, Death Valley and the Oregon Trail. This vast and rugged terrain set the stage for the American frontier. What do you think it was like to live in the Wild West? Visit the “Postcard from Wild West” challenge on Wizard School to take a tour of the land. Pick out your favorite setting, and send a postcard to a friend!

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Share your Wild West adventure!

Remember to share your creations with the Wizard School crew. We can’t wait to see what you create!

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