Fun And Unique Ways To Express Your Creativity On Wizard School

Who says that creativity has to come in the form of traditional arts and crafts? In fact, there are many ways to express your creativity! The options for artistry are endless, and we love to dream up new ways to express our creativity on Wizard School (formerly WonderBox). Check out these three unique ways to express your creativity this summer. 

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Learn how to create a tablescape

A tablescape is the artistic arrangement of a table, including the centerpiece, tablecloth, and dishes that are chosen to complete a place setting. Tablescapes vary based on the season and occasion. Is your event formal or informal? What types of dishware, glassware and cutlery will you use? Open Wizard School to see examples, and then design your very own tablescape!

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Make food art

Who said you needed pencil and paper to make art? Did you know that food can be used as an art form? People use food to create models of people, animals, and many other things. Some also present their food in a unique design that not only makes food enjoyable to look at, but even more fun to eat! Take a photo of your edible art and then share it with a friend.

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Write an acrostic poem

Poetry is a great way to express yourself! Did you know that poems don’t always have to rhyme? Acrostic poems are fun because they don’t always follow poetry rules. An acrostic poem uses the letters of a word to make a full poem. Acrostic poems are fun because the word written vertically is the first word in that line of the poem. Learn all about acrostic poems and then write your very own!

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Share your artwork!

Remember to share your creations with the Wizard School crew. We can’t wait to see what you create!

Looking for more fun challenges? Check out our free summer learning series!

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