Fun Photography Projects for Kids

Do you love taking pictures? Playing photographer is a fun way to capture memories and express your creativity. Launch your photography career with Wizard School (formerly WonderBox) by making neat props for a photo booth! Or, take pictures within pictures by finding reflections of unique scenes. Having fun? Try building your own scene by using natural materials in artistic ways. Check out these fun photography projects for kids – the options are endless!


Take a reflection photo

Using reflections in photography can make amazing effects and beautiful images. When light rays bounce off a completely smooth surface, such as a still pool of water, a mirror, or even something like a shop window, we are able to see a very clear reflection on the surface. Once you start looking for reflections, you will find them everywhere! Learn more about this type of photography by visiting the “Take a Reflection Photo” challenge on Wizard School. Then, find a mirror, rippling water, or a glass and try your hand at reflection photography!

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Explore art and photography in nature

Andy Goldsworthy is a British artist who has made hundreds of amazing creations. Visit the “Natural Photography” challenge to learn about how he works with natural materials. Then, create your own masterpiece using items you find in nature. The beach is a perfect place for nature art, but your own backyard can be just as good. Even sticks can surprise us when they are arranged in clever ways! When you’re done, take a photo of your natural work of art and share with a friend in Wizard School!

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Learn how to make a photo booth

The first photo booth appeared in the 1920s and quickly became a fun way to capture silly moments with friends! Visit the “Make a Photo Booth” challenge on Wizard School to learn how you can design your own photo booth. Create some neat props for taking pictures, and then let your photo shoot begin!

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Share your photographs!

Remember to share your creations with the Wizard School crew. We can’t wait to see what you create!

Looking for more fun challenges? Check out our free summer learning series!


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