Explore These Fun Summer Activities For Kids!

We’ve landed right in middle of summer, a great time for laughter, creativity and play. Let’s make the most of this special season by celebrating all of its remarkable activities. With Wizard School (formerly WonderBox), you can plan a camping trip, invent a new pool jump, log your stories in a journal, learn about the importance of sunglasses, and even design an amazing bridge during your downtime! Learn more about these fun summer activities for kids.

Go on a virtual camping trip

Do you love the great outdoors, sleeping under the stars, and building campfires? Then you’ll love camping! What do you think you will need? What is the best wood for building a campfire? Learn everything you need to know about camping by visiting the “Go Camping” challenge on Wizard School, then plan your very own adventure.

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Write a vacation journal

A vacation journal is a way to record the details of your trip. It can be fun to remember special places by writing down stories, drawing out the sights, or collecting keepsakes. Visit the “Vacation Journal” challenge on Wizard School and create a journal by logging the details of your favorite trip, or by describing your dream vacation. Then share your adventure with family and friends.

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Make a splash in the pool

Cool off by doing some pool jumps in the heat of summer. What is your favorite pool jump? Which type of jump makes the biggest splash, or the littlest splash? Have you ever recorded a pool jump to see it play back in slow motion? Let’s do it! Record someone jumping into a pool and then watch it on camera.

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Pop on some sunglasses

Do you think the number one reason to wear sunglasses is to look cool? That’s just an added bonus of the protection sunglasses provide for your eyes. Polarized sunglasses are specially designed to reduce glare off surfaces like glass, water, or snow. But, they don’t do it with a dark tint. Get a crash course in light physics and learn how they work at the same time! Then add some sunglasses to a silly photo of yourself, a friend, or your pet!

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Learn how to build a bridge

Every bridge that successfully gets you from one side to the other is a victory of engineering design. Not all bridges have the same structure. Find out about the advantages of different types: beam, truss, suspension, and arch. Learn about different types of building materials, and see some incredible structures in the “Build a Bridge” challenge on Wizard School. Then, create your very own bridge! What type of material will you use to construct your bridge?

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Share your summer adventures!

Remember to share your creations with the Wizard School crew. We can’t wait to see what you create!

Looking for more fun challenges? Check out our free summer learning series!

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