Go Green And Learn About Growing A Garden!

Calling all green thumbs! Are you ready to go green, get dirty, and learn about growing a garden this summer? Let’s start by digging into Wizard School (formerly WonderBox) to learn about planting seeds, creating compost, and crazy carnivorous plants. Wizard can’t wait to grow gardens with you!


Learn how to plant a garden

Nothing is more rewarding than planting a seed and watching it grow, especially when the end result is a beautiful flower or a tasty vegetable! Check out the “Plant a Garden” challenge to learn some gardening basics, then start your own garden and send a photo of it to a friend.

Go Green And Learn About Growing A Garden

Learn more about compost

Composting is the process of helping food scraps and other plant waste break down, or decompose, into soil. With the right mixture and conditions, you can produce dirt that will feed your garden the minerals and microbes it needs to grow big and strong. Why not make your own nutrient-rich dirt by composting? Learn more about composting in our “Create a Compost” challenge on Wizard School. When you’re done, photograph your compost station, decorate it, and send it to friends to inspire composting in your neighborhood!

Discover carnivorous plants!

Although they sound like something out of a horror movie, meat-eating carnivorous plants are for real. Although they make their own food (sugar) like other plants by converting sunlight, they get minerals by eating animals instead of by using roots to draw nutrition from the soil. The Venus Fly Trap is the most famous carnivorous plant. Check out the “Hungry Plants” challenge to watch them in action as they trap their favorite snacks. Then, use Wizard School’s built-in design tools to make one talk!


Share Your Gardening Skills!

Don’t forget to share your creations with the Wizard School crew. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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