Health And Safety Activities For Kids

Having to stay indoors and heal after getting injured or coming down with a cold is no fun, especially during the summer. Thankfully, you can avoid both by being wise and well-prepared! Join us on Wizard School (formerly WonderBox) as we learn all about safety gear, germs, and how to create an emergency plan with these health and safety activities for kids.


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Learn how to create an emergency plan

Do you ever worry about being caught in a flood or an earthquake? You never know when natural disasters or severe weather can strike, but it’s always possible to make their effects less dangerous by planning ahead. Learn what you can do to be ready, then make an emergency plan to share with friends and family.



Learn about fire safety

Fires can start and spread quickly. It is important that you learn how to be safe. Have you ever wondered about the science of fire and fire safety? Learn why the words “stop, drop and roll” are so important in fire safety. Then, record a message featuring your favorite fire facts or safety rules and share it with a friend.


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Discover how to fight germs

Germs are tiny, nasty, and relentless, and they’re all around us. But, if you know what they are and how they spread, you can stop them in their tracks in order to keep yourself and others healthy! Make a poster to teach friends how to win the battle against those pesky germs.



Design a cool helmet

Whether you are biking, skateboarding, skiing or riding on a scooter, helmets make great sense, as they are super important for protecting your head. Learn more about why helmets are important and check out some cool helmet designs. Then, photograph your helmet and give it a makeover with updated colors and awesome stickers.

Share Your Knowledge!

Remember to share your helmets, plans and posters with the Wizard School crew. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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