Make Fun Emoji Messages To Share With Friends

Wizard is exploring emojis, which are those cute images used for sending digital messages. Join us on Wizard School (formerly WonderBox) as we discover how emojis were created, and then make your own message using your favorite emojis!

Wizard’s Emoji Challenge

Make Emoji Messages!

Emojis are digital pictograms. Much like the hieroglyphics used by the Egyptians, emojis are used to communicate between people electronically. It’s like talking without using words or letters! Challenge yourself to see if you can send a message to a friend just using only emojis and other stickers and symbols and see if they understand what you were trying to tell them. Ask your friend to send you emoji messages in return! 

*Get to “Emoji Message Maker” challenge now:  Open the Wizard School app to the Challenges tab (bottom right of menu) > Drawing (swipe menu at top) > “Emoji Message Maker” (scroll down in Drawing category).

Learn more about emojis

Don’t forget that every Wizard School challenge has more to explore! You will find videos that explain the early history of symbols, where emojis come from, and how emojis can be used to tell stories or explain exciting topics. Discover these fun facts by tapping “Explore More” or “Inspiration” once inside the challenge.

Share your creations

Remember to share your creations with the Wizard School crew. Wizard loves hearing from you – and remember to include your favorite emoji! 

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