• Jun 13
  • Go Green And Learn About Growing A Garden!

    Calling all green thumbs! Are you ready to go green, get dirty, and learn about growing a garden this summer? Let’s start by digging into Wizard School (formerly WonderBox) to learn about planting seeds, creating compost, and crazy carnivorous plants. Wizard can’t wait to grow gardens with you!


    Learn how to plant a garden

    Nothing is more rewarding than planting a seed and watching it grow, especially when the end result is a beautiful flower or a tasty vegetable! Check out the “Plant a Garden” challenge to learn some gardening basics, then start your own garden and send a photo of it to a friend.

    Go Green And Learn About Growing A Garden

    Learn more about compost

    Composting is the process of helping food scraps and other plant waste break down, or decompose, into soil. With the right mixture and conditions, you can produce dirt that will feed your garden the minerals and microbes it needs to grow big and strong. Why not make your own nutrient-rich dirt by composting? Learn more about composting in our “Create a Compost” challenge on Wizard School. When you’re done, photograph your compost station, decorate it, and send it to friends to inspire composting in your neighborhood!

    Discover carnivorous plants!

    Although they sound like something out of a horror movie, meat-eating carnivorous plants are for real. Although they make their own food (sugar) like other plants by converting sunlight, they get minerals by eating animals instead of by using roots to draw nutrition from the soil. The Venus Fly Trap is the most famous carnivorous plant. Check out the “Hungry Plants” challenge to watch them in action as they trap their favorite snacks. Then, use Wizard School’s built-in design tools to make one talk!


    Share Your Gardening Skills!

    Don’t forget to share your creations with the Wizard School crew. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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  • Jun 06
  • Fun And Unique Ways To Express Your Creativity On Wizard School

    Who says that creativity has to come in the form of traditional arts and crafts? In fact, there are many ways to express your creativity! The options for artistry are endless, and we love to dream up new ways to express our creativity on Wizard School (formerly WonderBox). Check out these three unique ways to express your creativity this summer. 

     Copy of How to (2)

    Learn how to create a tablescape

    A tablescape is the artistic arrangement of a table, including the centerpiece, tablecloth, and dishes that are chosen to complete a place setting. Tablescapes vary based on the season and occasion. Is your event formal or informal? What types of dishware, glassware and cutlery will you use? Open Wizard School to see examples, and then design your very own tablescape!

    How to (20)

    Make food art

    Who said you needed pencil and paper to make art? Did you know that food can be used as an art form? People use food to create models of people, animals, and many other things. Some also present their food in a unique design that not only makes food enjoyable to look at, but even more fun to eat! Take a photo of your edible art and then share it with a friend.

    How to (21)

    Write an acrostic poem

    Poetry is a great way to express yourself! Did you know that poems don’t always have to rhyme? Acrostic poems are fun because they don’t always follow poetry rules. An acrostic poem uses the letters of a word to make a full poem. Acrostic poems are fun because the word written vertically is the first word in that line of the poem. Learn all about acrostic poems and then write your very own!

    How to (22)


    Share your artwork!

    Remember to share your creations with the Wizard School crew. We can’t wait to see what you create!

    Looking for more fun challenges? Check out our free summer learning series!

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  • May 30
  • Health And Safety Activities For Kids

    Having to stay indoors and heal after getting injured or coming down with a cold is no fun, especially during the summer. Thankfully, you can avoid both by being wise and well-prepared! Join us on Wizard School (formerly WonderBox) as we learn all about safety gear, germs, and how to create an emergency plan with these health and safety activities for kids.


    Wizard School App


    Learn how to create an emergency plan

    Do you ever worry about being caught in a flood or an earthquake? You never know when natural disasters or severe weather can strike, but it’s always possible to make their effects less dangerous by planning ahead. Learn what you can do to be ready, then make an emergency plan to share with friends and family.



    Learn about fire safety

    Fires can start and spread quickly. It is important that you learn how to be safe. Have you ever wondered about the science of fire and fire safety? Learn why the words “stop, drop and roll” are so important in fire safety. Then, record a message featuring your favorite fire facts or safety rules and share it with a friend.


    Wizard School App

    Discover how to fight germs

    Germs are tiny, nasty, and relentless, and they’re all around us. But, if you know what they are and how they spread, you can stop them in their tracks in order to keep yourself and others healthy! Make a poster to teach friends how to win the battle against those pesky germs.



    Design a cool helmet

    Whether you are biking, skateboarding, skiing or riding on a scooter, helmets make great sense, as they are super important for protecting your head. Learn more about why helmets are important and check out some cool helmet designs. Then, photograph your helmet and give it a makeover with updated colors and awesome stickers.

    Share Your Knowledge!

    Remember to share your helmets, plans and posters with the Wizard School crew. We can’t wait to hear from you!

    Have you explored Wizard School yet? Download it FREE on iTunes!


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  • May 13
  • Fun (And Free!) Summer Learning Activities For Kids

    This summer, open the Wizard School (formerly WonderBox) for hundreds of free teacher-created activities designed to boost summer learning. Our daily learning adventures help kids discover new topics about the world every week.
    summer learning activities for kids

    Wizard will post a new educational Challenge on Wizard School every day. To participate in the activities, simply read Wizard’s latest message and click “Do This” to get started.

    Here’s a peek at what’s ahead!

    May 16-22: Camping on Google Android 6.0.1 Get Outdoors Week
    Get ready for summer by learning about national parks. Look up at the sky and create cloud art. Then, design a bicycle to enjoy the great outdoors!

    May 23-29: Volcano on Google Android 6.0.1Scientific Wonders
    Take a journey to a black hole in outer space, then look back and identify erupting volcanoes to better understand the geography of our planet.

    May 30-June 5: Ambulance on Google Android 6.0.1 Health and Safety
    As summer heats up we learn how to fight fires, create an emergency plan, and design our own safety gear.

    June 6-12:  Artist Palette on Google Android 6.0.1 Create and Make
    The magic is in the making as we lay out a tablescape, create food art, and design a product!

    June 13-19: Sunflower on Google Android 6.0.1Garden Week
    Time to get our hands dirty by planting a garden, creating compost, and making a super salad.

    June 20-26: Elephant on Google Android 6.0.1 Africa Week
    Get set for a summer safari as we visit Africa, climb Mount Kilimanjaro, and explore the dunes of the Sahara desert.

    June 27 – July 3: Fish on Google Android 6.0.1 Shark Week!
    Open wide as we peer inside the jaws of a shark! Then draw out the food chain and design your own shark.

    July 4-10: Beach With Umbrella on Google Android 6.0.1 Summer Fun!
    Pools are a blast. Let’s see who makes the biggest splash with our pool jump challenge. Don’t forget your shades!

    July 11-17: Camera on Google Android 6.0.1 Photography
    Be a pro photographer and perfect your action shot while zooming through sensational summer adventures.

    July 18-24: Horse Face on Google Android 6.0.1 Wild West
    Celebrate National Day of the Cowboy as we venture out yonder into the Wild West!

    July 25-31: Spaghetti on Google Android 6.0.1 Cooking and Food
    Cook up a picnic, discover breads of the world, and pack a sustainable lunch to stay energized all summer long.

    August 1-7: Sports Medal on Google Android 6.0.1 Olympic Games
    Set a world record for being the youngest person to redesign the Olympic rings, map the torch relay, and support your favorite country by tracking their Olympic medals.


    summer learning programs for kids 2016

    Bookmark this calendar on Pinterest or add to Google Calendar!

    Getting started with WonderBox

    With new teacher-created activities posted every day, parents can depend on Wizard School to inspire and educate kids in a safe environment. In addition to participating in one of our daily summer learning activities, kids can also search by topic, watch and learn from educational videos that are hand-selected by teachers, or head straight to the creation tool to make their own multi-media masterpieces. There are no in-app purchases, and everything kids make can be shared with parents or pre-approved family and friends in a safe environment.

    We’re wacky for summer – let’s make it sensational with Wizard School! We can’t wait to create a whole season of learning with you.

    Ready for Wizard School? Download it FREE on iTunes!

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  • Apr 21
  • Make Fun Emoji Messages To Share With Friends

    Wizard is exploring emojis, which are those cute images used for sending digital messages. Join us on Wizard School (formerly WonderBox) as we discover how emojis were created, and then make your own message using your favorite emojis!

    Wizard’s Emoji Challenge

    Make Emoji Messages!

    Emojis are digital pictograms. Much like the hieroglyphics used by the Egyptians, emojis are used to communicate between people electronically. It’s like talking without using words or letters! Challenge yourself to see if you can send a message to a friend just using only emojis and other stickers and symbols and see if they understand what you were trying to tell them. Ask your friend to send you emoji messages in return! 

    *Get to “Emoji Message Maker” challenge now:  Open the Wizard School app to the Challenges tab (bottom right of menu) > Drawing (swipe menu at top) > “Emoji Message Maker” (scroll down in Drawing category).

    Learn more about emojis

    Don’t forget that every Wizard School challenge has more to explore! You will find videos that explain the early history of symbols, where emojis come from, and how emojis can be used to tell stories or explain exciting topics. Discover these fun facts by tapping “Explore More” or “Inspiration” once inside the challenge.

    Share your creations

    Remember to share your creations with the Wizard School crew. Wizard loves hearing from you – and remember to include your favorite emoji! 

    Need the Wizard School App? Download it FREE on iTunes!


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  • Apr 17
  • Fun Earth Day Activities For Kids

    The Wizard School app (formerly WonderBox) offers hundreds of activities to help kids explore the world around them. This week, Wizard is wacky for Earth Day, and is celebrating BIG with an Earth Day Extravaganza! Join us all week for fun Earth Day activities for kids. We’ll investigate fascinating facts about our planet, create teacher-inspired work, and share sustainable and green ideas with friends and family! 

    Earth Day

    Let’s take a closer look at Wizard’s fun Earth Day activities and challenges:

    Design a Green House

    What do you think makes a house “green” or sustainable? What “green” design elements will you use to make your house eco-friendly? Get inspiration and then design your own eco-house! 

    *Get to “Design a Green House” challenge now: Open the Wizard School app to the Challenges tab (bottom right of menu) > Do It Yourself (swipe menu at top) > “Design a Green House” (scroll down in DIY category).

    Be an Environmentalist

    What does it mean to be an environmentalist? What are you most passionate about on our planet? Oceans, forests, animals, clean water, or plastics? Share your knowledge with others and form a plan to make the planet a better place. 

    *Get to “Be an Environmentalist” challenge now: open the Wizard School app to the Challenges tab (bottom right of menu) >Do it Yourself (swipe menu at top) > “Be an Environmentalist” (scroll down in DIY category).

    Earth Day Slogan

    Earth Day Slogan

    Think of a memorable caption and a picture that will call people to action and recycle, save energy, and keep our earth clean. You can even try rhymes like “let’s go green to get our globe clean” or “less pollution is the best solution”. Be sure to share your slogan with Wizard, who loves hearing new ideas for saving the Earth!

    *Get to Earth Day Slogan challenge now: open the Wizard School app to the Challenges tab (bottom right of menu) >Design (swipe menu at top) > “Earth Day Slogan” (scroll down in Design category).

    Find even more Earth Day activities on Wizard School:

    Discover more eco-friendly activities in the “Challenges” section of the Wizard School App. To find them, open Wizard School, go to the “Challenges” tab on the bottom right, and select the category topics (from the top swipe or drop down menu) that interest you. You can also type these challenge titles directly into the search tool.

    • Save a Whale (Animals)
    • Build an Ecosystem (Science)
    • Share a Recycling Idea (DIY)
    • Build a Bike (Design)
    • Talking Trees (Science)
    • Photo of the Sky (Science)
    • Make Earth Talk (Space)
    • Wild Weather (Science)
    • Design a Green Car (Design)

    Share your creations!

    Remember to share your Earth Day creations with the Wizard School crew. Submit inside the app for chance to get featured by Wizard during Earth Week 2016. We can’t wait to hear from you!

    Have you explored Wizard School yet? Download it FREE on iTunes! 


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  • Apr 14
  • Learn About Dolphins With Wizard School

    Wizard School (formerly WonderBox) has hundreds of activities to help kids explore the world. Today, Wonder Wizard is dreaming about dolphins in honor of National Dolphin Day. Join us as we learn about dolphins and investigate fascinating facts about these amazing sea mammals!


    Let’s take a closer look at Wizard’s Dolphin Challenge

    Save a Dolphin!

    Dolphins seem a lot like humans — they play games, help each other out, and even call each other by name. With Wizard School you can learn more about dolphins and the dangers they face from human activity. Then, make a poster to teach a friend about dolphin conservation.

    To find this Challenge in the app, open the Wizard School Challenge tab, pick the “Animals” category, and select “Save a Dolphin”. Explore the videos to learn about types of dolphins, how they communicate, and how fast they swim. Start your challenge, and then submit your poster for a chance to get featured by Wizard!

    Do you love dolphins too? Here’s how to learn about dolphins in Wizard School!

    The Wizard School search tool helps you find specific content on any topic. By typing the keyword “dolphin” into the app, a selection of dolphin videos and challenges will appear. Have fun discovering more about dolphins!

    Dolphin search

    Share your creations

    Remember to share your creations with the Wizard School crew. Wizard loves hearing from you!

    Need the Wizard School App? Download it FREE on iTunes!


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  • Mar 23
  • 20 Fun Facts About Dogs (GIFs)

    Happy National Puppy Day! In honor of this grrrreat holiday, check out these fun facts about dogs. Share your favorite fact with a friend!

    1. If your dog is wet, it’s not sweat! All of a dog’s sweat glands are located between the pads of their paws.

    20 facts about dogs puppy gif

    2. Dogs get jealous, too! Research has shown that dogs become agitated when their owner shows affection for another animal — even stuffed animals!

    20 facts about dogs sad puppy gif

    3. Scientists estimate that a dog’s sense of smell is 10,000 – 100,000 times stronger than ours. Woof!

    20 facts about puppies sniffing gif

    4. Feeling stressed out? Spend some time with your dog! Researchers say that petting a fluffy friend can lower your blood pressure and helps release hormones that fight stress.

    fun facts about dogs gif

    5. Strange, but true: scientists have found that dogs try to poop in alignment with the Earth’s magnetic field.

    dog head tilt funny gif

    6. According to the AKC, the Labrador Retriever has been the #1 most popular dog in America for 25 years straight.

    labrador puppy gif

    7. The U.S. has the highest dog population in the world, with 75.8 million canine residents. That’s  roughly one dog for every 4.2 residents!

    group of dogs gif

    8. The world’s smartest dogs is thought to be the border collie. One thing’s for certain – they’re great at herding sheep!

    border collie facts gif

    9. In their first few weeks of life, puppies spend roughly 90% of the day sleeping. Zzzzz…

    sleepy puppy gif

    10. There are all types of service dogs! Some are trained to detect changes in the human body, like those that can alert a diabetic to changes in their blood sugar level.

    service dog gif

    11. Dogs are born deaf, but once they’re fully grown, they can hear much better than we can. They can even pick up sounds at 4x higher frequency than humans.

    dog hearing gif

    12. Dogs have 18 muscles in their ears, allowing them to tilt, raise and rotate in all directions.

    dog ear gif

    13. The oldest living dog on record was a Australian Cattle Dog named Bluey, who lived to be a whopping 29 1/2 years old. In case you’re wondering, that’s 206 “dog years”.


    Photo of Bluey from the Guinness Book of World Records

    14. When dogs pant, they’re not out of breath — they’re trying to cool themselves off!

    panting dog gif

    15. When a dog kicks after going to the bathroom, they’re using the scent glands on their paws to mark their territory.

    dog kicking grass gif

    16. Evidence shows that canines began living alongside humans almost 12,000 years ago. Researchers believe they were self-domesticated wolves that were attracted to the first sites of permanent human habitation.

    dog facts gif

    17. The first living being in space was a stray dog from Russia named Laika, who went into orbit in 1957.

    Laika before going into orbit

    Laika, before being sent to space

    18. The smallest living dog is a Chihuahua named Milly, who is a mere 3.8 in (9.65 cm) tall.

    Credit: Guinness Book of World Records

    Credit: Guinness Book of World Records

    19. Dog’s nose prints are as unique as a human fingerprint.


    20. Every dog on earth is thought to have descended the Tomarctus — a creature that roamed the earth over 15 million years ago.




    Learn More Fun Facts About Dogs!

    Ready to learn more fun facts about about dogs? Check out “Make a Dog Talk” in the Featured tab under “Challenges” on the WonderBox app to learn more about our canine friends. Then, using WonderBox’s design tools, share what you’ve learned by creating your very own talking dog video!

    Still need the WonderBox app? Click here to get it for free on iTunes!


    Featured Image: Flickr/e_haya
    H/T Cesar | Random History | PetFinder | Buzzfeed 

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  • Mar 03
  • 20 Fun And Fascinating Educational GIFs For Kids

    Who says GIFs can’t be educational? We’ve compiled 20 fun and fascinating educational GIFs, all of which are appropriate for kids. Get ready to learn something new!


    1. The effect snake venom has on blood

    This clip from The Nature of Science shows how venom from the brown snake causes human blood to clot until it becomes a jelly-like consistency.

    2. White blood cells in action 

    An amazing look at white blood cells attacking a parasite.

    white blood cells attacking


    3. How a lock works

    What happens when you stick a key into a lock? This image shows how the mechanisms inside of a lock function.
    how a lock works educational gif

    4. The effect freezing temperatures has on boiling water

    This amazing clip shows how boiling hot water can turn into “snow” when thrown into the air on a sub-zero day. Click here to learn more about the science behind this phenomenon. Note: Don’t try this at home!


    5. Where Americans immigrated from

    This fascinating animated map shows the top country of birth among U.S. immigrants for every state over the last 166 years.

    american immigrants gif


    6. The effect freezing temperatures have on the human body 

    This clip from BBC utilizes a thermal camera to show the effect freezing conditions has on your body. The man in the image is holding a snowball in his hand, and the green spots all over his skin are actually cold spots where snowflakes have landed on his body.


    7. The evolution of the alphabet

    This fascinating graphic shows how the alphabet has evolved since Phoenician times.

    alphabet educational gif

    8. How dogs drink water

    This amazing slow-motion clip shows how dogs cup their tongues to draw water into their mouths.

    dog drinking water educational gif


    9. How cats drink water

    Cats also use their tongues to cup water and draw it into their mouths. In addition, the microscopic ridges on their tongue also help grab water.



    10. The evolution of the United States

    This neat visual shows a brief overview of the history of the United States.

    evolution of american educational gif


    11. How cats land on their feet

    This slow-motion clip from Smarter Everyday shows how cats use their tail to right themselves when falling, allowing them to flip mid-air and land on their feet.


    12. Why your nose runs when it’s cold

    Have you ever wondered why your nose tends to run when it’s cold outside? This image explains why!

    why your nose runs when its cold gif

    13. What happens when a mosquito bites you

    This is what’s happening under your skin when a mosquito bites you and drinks your blood. Eeek!


    14. What happens when your eye moves

    This slow motion clip shows what really happens when your eye moves!

    slow motion eye movement educational gif

    15. The actual distance between the Earth and Moon

    A more accurate depiction of how far the Moon is from the Earth.

    planets gif

    16. How a hamster stores food

    This cool x-ray video shows how hamsters are able to store so much food in their mouths.


    17. How babies grow

    This neat graphic shows how babies develop from fertilization to birth.


    babies gif

    Click to zoom


    18. What happens when you swallow

    This cool x-ray shows what happens when you swallow liquid.

    swallowing gif

    19. How braces work

    This time-lapse shows how braces work to shift teeth over time.

    braces time lapse

    20. Red blood cells moving through the body

    Have you ever wondered how fast your blood moves through your body? This clip depicts a red blood cell moving through the human body in real time!



    View more educational videos on WonderBox!

    Looking for fun, educational videos for kids? There are thousands of educational videos and lessons on the free WonderBox app! All of the videos and lessons on WonderBox have been personally selected and screened by our team of K-8 teachers. Click here to download the free app!

    Teachers: Interested in using WonderBox in your classroom?
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    H/T Educational GIFs – Reddit

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