15 Resources for Inspiration and Planning a Baby Shower

t-dcwo years ago when my closest friend was pregnant with her daughter, another friend and I decided to host her baby shower. It is a recognized fact among all my friends that I am kind of a stickler for details and I don’t really know how to do anything half way (I once spend 4 hours sorting mini colored gobstobbers for an Alice in Wonderland launch party because I didn’t like the way the red and yellow gobstobbers looked with the blue and green). Luckily, my co-host, not only loves good design, but was also endowed with an incredible amount of patience.

nicci gabriel - designer

We met early on to lay down the ground rules – no cheezy games, no pink and blue baby stuff — we wanted Cheryl’s baby shower to be modern and hip. We were inspired by a recent article in Blueprint Magazine and decided that the theme of the shower would be Modern Tea. We made small finger sandwiches, shopped at thrift stores for mismatched tea cups and spend a few hilarious nights over bottles of wine making tissue paper pom poms and folding origami cranes which we suspended from the ceiling in my living room. All in all, the shower was a success and it is an event I look back on fondly for two girls (my friend and her daughter) that I really love.

Here are a few of the resources that we found when researching our shower. I hope you find them helpful!


Modern Baby Shower article in Blueprint Magazine
There are lots of great ideas here. We actually made a version of the mobile to hang over the table.



Beautiful source of inspiration from Thoughtful Day
thoughtful day baby shower inspiration

Luscious Lemon Baby Shower Invites — gorgeous and creative! Via Design Mom
creative baby shower invites

There is lots of beautiful inspiration to be had by theme on Martha Stewart. I particularly like the French Country theme.

martha stewart baby shower inspiration


La Tartine Gourmande
I love, love, LOVE this site by foodie and photographer Bea. Every time I throw a dinner party, I find a way to work in at least one of her recipes.

For Cheryl’s baby shower we made the Chocolate cupcakes with Lavender Chantilly (I made mini versions with raspberries instead of strawberries on the chantilly) and the Raspberry and Black Sesame Tuiles to complement some of our tea selections (be aware that these need to be made the day of the event or they become soft).

Chicago-based Cake Girls makes the most beautiful cakes I have ever seen. I noticed them several years ago when they started making these purse-shaped architectural cakes (amazing). They now have a line of cakes specifically for Baby showers.
cake girls baby shower cakes

cake girls baby shower cakes

In keeping with our theme, we bought our cake from the famed Miette Bakery in San Francisco, which makes beautiful and heavenly cakes.

We found an incredible selection of tea sandwiches on epicurious. For other great places to find creative recipes check Fresh365 and Dana Treat.


We purchased most of the papers for the pompoms, invites, mobiles and other items at PaperSource

Cool wine glass lamp shades by Charles + Marie add ambiance to any table.
Charles and Marie wine glass lamp shade covers for baby shower decor

Pom poms are easy to make with a little tissue paper and enough time. You can find pretty good instructions on Martha Stewart’s website or if you don’t trust you cutting skills you can buy a kit on Etsy.

making pompoms for baby shower decor

A few beautiful baby shower invitations from Tiny Prints.
TinyPrints baby shower invites

Minted.com has such beautiful invites that I had trouble picking which ones to feature
Minted.com baby shower invites


I adore the modern design of these baby shower games by Cluster Design.
Cluster Design beautiful baby shower games

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  2. I love those cake pictures. All the decorations are wonderful, but I think those cakes are the best part. Very pretty!

  3. Hi there…I was looking for things on Google for my baby and your website came up. I must say I enjoyed your blog post, and although I don’t have time right now, I’ve bookmarked your site and will be back to read more soon. Cheers.

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  5. Thanks for sharing all these neat ideas. I am making a cake for my sister-in-laws baby shower this week and loved the buggy cake. I checked out the Cake girls website which informed me that they are shut down because their building was burnt down. Very sad. Hope they can get it aall figured out soon.

  6. Hi there, I loved the lemom jelly bean invitation, cam you tell me how to look for the lables that go outside the box? Please

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