See Scientific Wonders in Action with Wizard School!

How do cells work? Why do volcanoes erupt? Where do black holes exist in outer space? Join us this summer as we explore a spectacular display of scientific wonders and find answers to these questions on Wizard School (formerly WonderBox). Are you ready to see science in action?

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Enter a Black Hole

Black holes may sound like something out of a weird science fiction movie, but they really exist. Learn how they are created and the ways in which they affect both matter and time. Then, imagine a journey into a black hole and make a postcard about your adventure.

How to (4)Challenges > Swipe menu to “Space” category > Scroll down to “Enter a Black Hole”

Talking Volcano

Who doesn’t lav-a volcano? Volcanoes play a major role in shaping the geography of our planet and created the conditions needed for life on Earth. Learn about these explosive wonders and then make a talking volcano to share with a friend.

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Challenges > Swipe menu to “Science” category > Scroll down to “Talking Volcano”

Draw a Cell

Do you like to build things with blocks or Legos? It’s fun to see how lots of little pieces fit together to make one big structure. All living things are also made up of building blocks called cells. Learn all about how they were discovered and see how they look. Then, draw a cell using our built-in design tools and explain to your friends how the cell functions!

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Challenges > Swipe menu to “Science” category > Scroll down to “Draw a Cell”

Talking Elements

The periodic table is a special list of 118 chemical elements that form the building blocks of all things that exist. Each one has unique properties! Learn about elements such as carbon, hydrogen, sulfur and mercury, and then give an element a voice so it can talk about where it can be found.

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Challenges > Swipe menu to “Science” category > Scroll down to “Talking Elements”

Discover Fossils

What’s the oldest thing you’ve seen? Fossils are records of life preserved in rock and other substances from the very distant past. Some may be up to 4 billion years old! Learn how scientists uncover them and use them as clues to piece together facts about history. Then, make a drawing of the prehistoric animal you imagine when you look at a fossil “buried” in Wizard School!

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Challenges > Swipe menu to “Science” category > Scroll down to “Discover Fossils”

Still curious about science? Start a chain reaction by heading into Wizard school to find more science challenges and videos. Download the WIZARD SCHOOL app FREE on iTunes!


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