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Duck Duck Moose makes award-winning educational apps for young children. Founded in 2008 by a small team of parents and educators, Duck Duck Moose has created over 20 apps that encourage kids to learn and explore in a fun and safe environment. Now, as part of the educational nonprofit Khan Academy, all Duck Duck Moose apps are FREE for everyone to download and enjoy.

Apps from Duck Duck Moose cover a range of early learning topics. These include math, reading, music, puzzles and nursery rhymes, in addition to open-ended apps that encourage creative expression and play. You’ll find our full list of apps organized by topic and age on the “apps” section of Duck Duck Moose educational apps are aligned to common core standards, and can be used at home to help prepare kids for school while reinforcing topics that are covered in the classroom.

Teachers are using Duck Duck Moose apps in a variety of creative ways to encourage children to express their ideas. We’ve collected highlights in a blog post explaining how teachers integrate iPad apps with their lesson plans. There is also a prolific stream of examples are shared by teachers over social media. Visit @duckduckmoose and @chatterpixit on Twitter to see how children are explaining their math thinking, completing themed research projects, bringing artwork to life, creating interactive biographies, storytelling, recording book reports, collaborating through math games and so much more!

All of our apps are available on Apple’s iOS platform for the iPhone and iPad. A subset of our apps are also available on the Android platform. If there are questions about using or installing our educational apps, feel free to reach out to so we can offer assistance.

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