Fun (And Free!) Summer Learning Activities For Kids

This summer, open the Wizard School (formerly WonderBox) for hundreds of free teacher-created activities designed to boost summer learning. Our daily learning adventures help kids discover new topics about the world every week.
summer learning activities for kids

Wizard will post a new educational Challenge on Wizard School every day. To participate in the activities, simply read Wizard’s latest message and click “Do This” to get started.

Here’s a peek at what’s ahead!

May 16-22: Camping on Google Android 6.0.1 Get Outdoors Week
Get ready for summer by learning about national parks. Look up at the sky and create cloud art. Then, design a bicycle to enjoy the great outdoors!

May 23-29: Volcano on Google Android 6.0.1Scientific Wonders
Take a journey to a black hole in outer space, then look back and identify erupting volcanoes to better understand the geography of our planet.

May 30-June 5: Ambulance on Google Android 6.0.1 Health and Safety
As summer heats up we learn how to fight fires, create an emergency plan, and design our own safety gear.

June 6-12:  Artist Palette on Google Android 6.0.1 Create and Make
The magic is in the making as we lay out a tablescape, create food art, and design a product!

June 13-19: Sunflower on Google Android 6.0.1Garden Week
Time to get our hands dirty by planting a garden, creating compost, and making a super salad.

June 20-26: Elephant on Google Android 6.0.1 Africa Week
Get set for a summer safari as we visit Africa, climb Mount Kilimanjaro, and explore the dunes of the Sahara desert.

June 27 – July 3: Fish on Google Android 6.0.1 Shark Week!
Open wide as we peer inside the jaws of a shark! Then draw out the food chain and design your own shark.

July 4-10: Beach With Umbrella on Google Android 6.0.1 Summer Fun!
Pools are a blast. Let’s see who makes the biggest splash with our pool jump challenge. Don’t forget your shades!

July 11-17: Camera on Google Android 6.0.1 Photography
Be a pro photographer and perfect your action shot while zooming through sensational summer adventures.

July 18-24: Horse Face on Google Android 6.0.1 Wild West
Celebrate National Day of the Cowboy as we venture out yonder into the Wild West!

July 25-31: Spaghetti on Google Android 6.0.1 Cooking and Food
Cook up a picnic, discover breads of the world, and pack a sustainable lunch to stay energized all summer long.

August 1-7: Sports Medal on Google Android 6.0.1 Olympic Games
Set a world record for being the youngest person to redesign the Olympic rings, map the torch relay, and support your favorite country by tracking their Olympic medals.


summer learning programs for kids 2016

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Getting started with WonderBox

With new teacher-created activities posted every day, parents can depend on Wizard School to inspire and educate kids in a safe environment. In addition to participating in one of our daily summer learning activities, kids can also search by topic, watch and learn from educational videos that are hand-selected by teachers, or head straight to the creation tool to make their own multi-media masterpieces. There are no in-app purchases, and everything kids make can be shared with parents or pre-approved family and friends in a safe environment.

We’re wacky for summer – let’s make it sensational with Wizard School! We can’t wait to create a whole season of learning with you.

Ready for Wizard School? Download it FREE on iTunes!

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