Superheroes vs. Monsters Comic Book Maker

he only thing better than a superheroes app is a superheroes AND monsters app. Superheroes vs Monsters Comic Book Maker for iPhone and iPad allows you to create individual recordings from pre-composed animated scenes, your original drawings, photos or coloring pages using animated, talking stickers. In the past, these recordings were stand-alone scenes, but in Superheroes vs Monsters we added the ability to join scenes together to make a full comic strip story!

The creative team had a blast with this app (I can’t think of anything better than a job in which I can draw monsters all day long). We spent a day in Michael and Caroline’s basement “recording” studio recording all the sound effects for the app and making each other laugh. We also made a little video using some of the characters with the help of the very talented Joe Hall. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out on YouTube.

Our crowning achievement, however, was convincing the engineers to dress up in superhero outfits. Check out some of the photos from our shoot below (I am starting to think purple might be my color).


Here is a little beautiful superhero inspiration from around the web. When in doubt, keep calm and call Batman.

Captain America

Batman Begins

Batman Returns

Retro Captain America

Incredible Batman Returns and The Invaders tribute posters by Tom Whalen.

The Amazing Spiderman



Minimal comic book destination posters by Justin Van Genderen. Which would you rather travel to? See more here.

Captain A

The Dark Knight Rises

Officially-licensed poster by Olly Moss for The Dark Knight Rises.



Captain America Michael Myers


Four awesome minimal and vintage DC superhero posters by Michael Blane Myers, Jr.

The Mighty Thor

Batman Vintage

Who says superheroes weren’t an inspiration during the Art Deco movement? Not French illustrator Gregoire Guillemin. See more inspired posters here.

Iron Man

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