A Big Week for Duck Duck Moose!

Last week was an exciting week at Duck Duck Moose! We launched our long-awaited Trucks and Trucks HD app last Wednesday.

The team has been especially excited about this title since it was in beta and is over the moon to see that our Trucks HD iPad app is outselling many popular casual games in the US, including Angry Birds HD, Cut the Rope HD, and Fruit Ninjia HD. Trucks is currently ranked as the #12 Top Paid App Overall on the iPad and is the #1 Top Kids Game for the iPhone and the iPad.

Trucks includes 5 interactive activities: Soap and rinse a car in a carwash, drive a garbage truck, tow a car with a tow truck and fix a flat tire, dump dirt with a dump truck, and play with a car and truck parade. This app includes an ice cream truck, fire truck, cement truck, police car, mail truck, ambulance, and much more!

Trucks is an educational app that will teach children about sequencing, sorting, and problem solving. The activities encourage experimentation and will stimulate their imaginations.

To learn more about Trucks, check our our product video
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One thought on “A Big Week for Duck Duck Moose!

  1. I'm wondering how you arrived at your illustrative style. Was it just what you happened to have on hand, or was it a conscious decision? I'm always ambivalent about which style to use when illustrating and designing an app for kids. I realize children may like one style, however, because parents happen to be the customer (insofar as small children are not browsing the app store), one has to consider the tastes of parents as well. Moreover, without some solid idea of the target age, stylistic options may be all over the place.

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