10 Creative Ways Teachers Are Using Wizard School In The Classroom

One of our favorite things about Twitter is that it gives us the chance to see the incredibly creative ways that teachers are engaging their students through technology. Recently, we’ve received some fantastic classroom examples from teachers that are using Wizard School EDU beta (formerly WonderBox) with their students. Here are ten of our favorite examples!

1. Kasey Moon used WonderBox to teach his students about Pablo Picasso in a fun, creative and engaging way.

2. Kami’s students combined art and math for a fun pixel art project!

3. Mrs. Allen’s class used WonderBox for an interactive U.S. History lesson.

4. Joyce Seely’s students used WonderBox for an engaging Black History Month assignment.

5. Mrs. Marrs’ class used WonderBox to learn about dinosaurs and design their own.

6. Kelly Hincks’ students learned about Van Gogh’s self-portraits and Pointillism, then implemented what they learned on WonderBox.


7. Ashli Hastings and Mrs. White’s classes joined forces for a fun, interactive Presidents’ Day lesson!

8. These fun travel-focused project ideas will bring geography lessons to life!

9. Mrs. Murray’s class used WonderBox to make standard worksheets interactive.

10. Need sub plans? Merry Mullins shared this great idea!


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