Favorite Spanish Songs by José-Luis Orozco

Duck Duck Music is proud to present “Favorite Spanish Songs by José-Luis Orozco”. Now the whole family can sing along in Spanish to favorite children’s songs including La Arana Pequenita (Itsy Bitsy Spider), Juancho Pancho (Old MacDonald) and Las Ruedas del Camión (The Wheels on the Bus) and more. Spanish and English lyrics can be downloaded here.

orozco cover Favorite Spanish Songs by José Luis Orozco
Las Ruedas Del Camión
(The Wheels on the Bus)

La Araña Pequeñita
(Itsy Bitsy Spider)

El Abecedario
(ABC Song)

Los Dias De La Semana
(The Days of the Week)

Compadre Comprame Un Coco
(Buy Me a Coconut)

Platanos Y Manzanas
(Bananas and Apples)

Los Elefantes
(The Elephant Song)

Song list includes:
Las Ruedas Del Camién (The Wheels on the Bus), La Araña Pequeñita (Itsy Bitsy Spider), Juancho Pancho (Old MacDonald), El Abecedario (ABC Song), Las Horas (The Hours), Los Dias De La Semana (The Days of the Week), Las Vocales (The Vowels), Diez Deditos (Ten Little Fingers), De Colores (Bright with Colors), Los Colores (The Colors), La Granja (The Farm), Compadre Comprame Un Coco (Buy Me a Coconut), Los Pollitos (The Little Chicks), Las Hormiguitas (The Ants), Platanos Y Manzanas (Bananas and Apples), Los Elefantes (The Elephant Song), Una Mosca (A Fly) , Buenos Dias (Good Morning), El Chocolate (Chocolate), El Barquito (The Little Boat)Credits:
José-Luis Orozco, singer/songwriter
Album artwork: Characters licensed from Caramba Kids Inc. ™