Wizard School Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes the information collected by Duck Duck Moose, LLC (“we,” “us” or “our”), the publisher of the Wizard School mobile application (the “App”) and the Wizard School website at www.wizardschool.co (the “Site”), and how we use and disclose that information. This Privacy Policy is provided in compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”), to inform parents of the information we collect from users of the App, to describe how we use and disclose that information, and how we obtain their required consent to collect information from children under 13 years of age.

About Wizard School

Wizard School is an educational mobile application designed for families and users of all ages. Wizard School includes educator-curated videos and projects in a safe environment that does not allow free access to the Internet. Wizard School also includes safe communication functions. For families with children under 13, all users are under a Wizard School Family Account tied to the parent’s email address. Parents can monitor activity and control communication contacts.

Information Collection and Use

Anonymous Data

We collect anonymous data about how people use the App and the Site. Anonymous data is data gathered in the background without direct input from the user which does not identify someone individually (“Anonymous Data”). For the App, we collect information about features used and time spent with those features. The App does not collect any device identifiers or other background information that can identify the user individually.

For the Site, we collect similar Anonymous Data, such as page views, the number of times the Site is visited, IP address, and browser type. We utilize Google Analytics on the Site only (not the App). Google Analytics uses cookies to collect Anonymous Data that helps us understand how visitors engage with the Site. Google provide details about data collection through Google Analytics here;www.google.com/policies/privacy/partners/.

We reserve the right to use and disclose Anonymous Data with third parties as we deem appropriate. Again, the Anonymous data does not include any information that can identify an individual, any device identifiers, or any other personal information as defined under COPPA.

Personal Information

We collect information provided by users from the App and the Site that can identify the user individually, such as name and email address. We use personal information on a limited basis as described below.

(i) Newsletter

We provide account holders with our newsletter through the email address provided by the account holder. Users may opt out of receiving the newsletter at any time by unsubscribing following the simple process outlined in the newsletter email. Our newsletter is provided through our third party service providers, so we share the parent account email address with them for the sole purpose of fulfilling newsletter subscriptions.

(ii) Requests for Support and Information through the Site

The Site may, from time to time, include features that provide you the opportunity to submit your email address in order to receive information from us. We use that information solely to send you the information you requested via email. You may opt out of receiving such information by following the simple opt-out procedures described in those emails. If you submit a support request, we may share information you provide in your support request, which could include your personal information, with our support providers, but only for the purpose of providing support to you.

(iii) Information Necessary for Parental Consent for Children under 13

We do not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of 13 in violation of COPPA. The App does collect personal information, so we follow strict procedures for that process as described in this section.

In the event a child is identified as under the age of 13, we will obtain verifiable parental consent in accordance with COPPA prior to collecting any personal information, other than name and contact information we gather to obtain parental consent described in the paragraph below. Until we obtain the parental consent, features of the App which require or allow us to collect personal information, such as email communication tools, are blocked so that no personal information is sent from the App to our servers. While features are blocked, access to curated content through the App remains unrestricted and the creative tools available through the App can still be used. If we do not obtain parent consent within a short time period, we will delete the entire account and all associated information.

We collect the first name, email, and age of the user through the registration process for Wizard School. In the event the Wizard School user is a child under the age of 13, we only collect the child’s first name and age and the parent’s name, online contact information, and video attestation for the purpose of obtaining parental consent. If the user is 13 or over, or once parental consent has been obtained, the child’s name will be used in messages to contacts monitored by the parent.

To obtain parental consent, we utilize current video and audio technology available on mobile devices so the parent can create a video attestation that they are the parent or legal guardian of the child and send it to us. Each video attestation is reviewed by a trained Wizard School staff member who follows our verification guidelines.

Once we obtain verifiable parental consent, we will then use the parent email to notify the parent of new messages sent from their child to them and the child’s requests for new contacts (e.g., Grandma). We do not make use of such personal information other than to provide the App and related services, and we do not share personal information of a child with third parties except the sharing of Creative Work as described below and only after the parent has provided consent.

(iv) Information Collection through the App

For users who are 13 or over and for users under the age of 13 after parental consent is obtained, additional information may be collected from the App and sent to our servers when the user elects to share that information. That information includes photographs and videos, audio recordings, drawings, stickers, text, and messages (“Creative Work”). We also collect email addresses of intended recipients that are provided by the account holder (i.e., users who are 13 or over or parents) of the App.

In compliance with COPPA, we do not share personally identifiable information from children under the age of 13 without parental consent. Any Creative Work generated by the user on Wizard School is stored on the individual’s device only, and is not collected by us on our servers, unless and until we have obtained the required parental consent. If a child’s Creative Work is shared as allowed by the parent, such as via email with a parent and/or parent-approved email contact, then that Creative Work will be stored on Wizard School’s internal servers. Creative Work is made available by us only to those contacts that the parent has allowed and Friends (described below).

For email contacts to view a Creative Work, the designated email contact receives the email message along with a scrambled anonymous link that, when clicked, allows them to view the Creative Work. If the link is then forwarded by the recipient to another person, that person may be able to view and copy the Creative Work, so account holders need to exercise caution when adding email contacts. Account holders are solely responsible for any access to creative work.


The App enables users to connect with other App users (“Friends”), using a safe friending feature which requires users to exchange their Wizard School Codes outside the App to ensure that they know each other in the real world. The Codes must be exchanged two ways (i.e., each user must know the other user’s Code) to connect. The Friend connections are subject to revocation by the parent for children under their account. The Friends feature allows App users to share Creative Work with Friends through the App. It allows App users to see the screen names of the Friends of their Friends, and request and accept friend connections without a Code if they have a mutual friend. For more information on how parents can monitor activity and delete friendships, see:http://www.wizardschool.co/parentinfo/.

Push Notifications

We may send push notifications through the App if the user opts in to receive them. We send push notifications, as enabled through applicable device operating systems, such as Apple iOS and Android, to communicate information about how to interact with the App or as notifications when messages are sent to a Wizard School user. Push notifications can be turned off at any time through settings available in the operating systems, such as through the “Notifications” tab within iOS “Settings.”

Links to Third Party Sites

We may provide links and/or connections to third-party web sites or services from the Site (we don’t allow unprotected links from within our mobile applications). We are not responsible for the privacy practices or content of these third-party sites.


From time to time, we may offer special events through the App which allow users to generate Creative Work according to a particular theme or concept (each an “Event”). Submissions provided by participants to Events may be publicly displayed to other users of the App, through the Site and for promotional purposes.

Information Sharing

As noted above, we may share Anonymous Data for any purpose. We may share the account holder’s email address for the purpose of providing our newsletter or providing support, and we may share Creative Work only as initiated by the user, and for Events. We do not rent, sell or share any personal information for any other purpose except in for the following circumstances:

(i) We may share the account holder’s email address: (a) to protect the security or integrity of the App; (b) to take precautions against liability; (c) to respond to judicial process; or, (d) to the extent permitted under other provisions of applicable law, to provide information to law enforcement agencies or for an investigation on a matter related to public safety; and where such information is not used for any other purpose, all in compliance with Section 312.5(c)(6) of COPPA.

(ii) We may share the account holder’s email address on a confidential basis in connection with a merger or acquisition involving our company.

(iii) We may share personal information and Creative Works as required by applicable law.

Parental Rights

Under COPPA, as a parent, you have the right to review, request the deletion of, or request that we stop collecting or using your child’s personal information at any time. To do so, you may delete your child’s Wizard School Creative Work via the Wizard School application anytime. We will delete all personal information we’ve collected from you if you contact us directly to close your account.

Questions or Concerns about our Children’s Privacy Policy

If you have questions, comments or concerns about privacy issues or our Privacy Policy, please send us an email at support@duckduckmoose.com or contact us at:

Wizard School
Attn: Chief Privacy Officer Address: 1 Waters Park Drive, Suite 101, San Mateo, CA 94403




Updated as of August 17, 2016